Geospatial Software

Water-Related Geospatial Software and Applications

  • Data Collection Geospatial Software
    • Water Resources
      • Surface water Resources
        • Storage and Diversion Dams
        • Rivers and Streams
        • Pumping Stations
        • Wetlands and ponds
        • Lakes
      • Groundwater Resources
        • Monitoring Wells
        • Piezometers
        • Drinking and Farm water well
        • Qanats
        • Springs
    • Software
      • Data collection in Field by Mobile Applications
        • Storing the Spatial Coordinates of the Data
        • Attaching Videos, Pictures and Documents
        • Control of Data Register Location
        • Online Sending of Data to Server
        • Offline data Storage in Case of no Internet
      • Web-Base Software and Database in Server
        • Automation Of Data Collection, Approval and Storage
        • Access Levels based On Duties and Powers
        • Data Processing
        • Reports and Graphs Generation